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Life is a Dance of Sheer Spontaneity

I'm Steve Slimm. I'm know mostly for my painting, and have made my living from producing artwork since around 1980 (albeit with occasional support from other work). All through this time I have been equally passionate about making music, and for the past twenty years also about writing. Video also began to complement my creative output in recent years.

A New Renaissance Man

I think that's probably the best description I can come up with . . . :/

All the above attributes come and go at will - over which I generally exercise no control! Some are things I know about myself, while others are more what people tell me. Don't take anything as gospel though!

Meet My Team

Joe is m'main man - does all my framing, gets stuck into sorting the studio when necessary, uses great initiative in improvising practical solutions to overwhelming problems. Now helps me with IT and social media.

Personal Assistant

Sue helps me with social media, as well as ideas for presenting myself to the public. She is also a musician and composer - and married to Phil. <3

Social Media Assistant

When Robin arrived, I thought I'd be meeting a boy! Robin does all the painting of frames, and generally makes sure the studio is organised(and me!) She also helps with the inventory of original paintings.

Artist Assistant

Zoe is great for seeing things from the other person's point of view - essential when I'm putting out advertising etc. She can be inclined toward perfectionism - but that nicely counters my spontaneous easy-going random qualities. :??/!

Life Partner and PR Expert

Phil is my biz coach - the guy who keeps me focused. His business is to study social media and advise me on trends. And he actually knows how to use Google Analytics! :/

Coach and Social Media Expert

Our Random Scores


Ability to Organise


Ability to Co-operate


Nurturing Spirit


Tendency toward Love of Life


Posted on
1979 Begins my Urge toward Creativity
And sell my first original painting!

Ok - it was to friends of my mother-in-law at the time - but an artist has to begin somewhere!

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2006 Release my First Album of music
Pause for Breath (singer/songwriter stuff)

OK - had a hundred copies done and was never one to tour, as too busy painting by then - so it kinda went into ITunes cyber-space!

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2009 Recognized by UK Education Authorities
Featured in Art A-level syllabus for quality of Light

I suppose it was the greatest compliment I could have asked for, arriving at my doorstep (aka computer screen) - kids asking loads of questions because they were 'doing' me for A-level!

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2012 Co-operation becomes essential
Can't do all this on my own!

So begins the wonder of collaboration, and the discovery that other people not only really dig what I do, but also actually want to support me!

Different Faces - Not Forgetting the Shadow . . .