Art Calendar 2018 – Short Video

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  1. I think i would rather not see you turning the pages; maybe more of a slide show with emotional words describing each painting.
    I love piano music, but i think it needs to be a little less heavy as the piece chosen is very atmospheric but maybe a little heavy for what you have in mind?

  2. I agree with Stella. A few still frames of some of the calendar images, your voice-over with 2-3 descriptive words for each- tumbling ocean waves for January, crisp morning light for some other month etc. A final shot of calendar front and button for purchase now. Any music should be way, way in the background.
    Steve, I saw your small framed paintings at Clifton Fine Art on December 6; Tom has grouped them together nicely. 😊

  3. Yes I think a slide show type of display would work well and a bit slower, the paintings speak for themselves, be confident 😊

  4. I love the music. As for the visuals – it would work better for me to see an initial scene of you holding the calendar and introducing it (no music) followed by a zoom in on the pages being turned, slowly, one by one, with the music fading as you talk about the personal significance of each piece. I agree with Torie’s suggestion of ending with a ‘buy now button’.

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