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About the Artist:

Steve Slimm Steve Slimm has been producing and exhibiting paintings in Cornwall since 1979. Essentially self-taught, Steve has developed his art along very personal lines that both absorb and transcend tradition. He has become recognised as a noteworthy Cornish landscape painter, especially for his use of light. For this reason he was featured in the national UK art a-level syllabus for 2009-2010.


About the site:

The purpose of this site is to:

• Introduce you to the world of Steve Slimm – especially as an artist.
• Showcase examples of his work in various categories.
• Tell you a little more about the artist – including his other pursuits.
• Link you to other sites that feature his creativity.
• Link you to sites where you may purchase work – original, print, downloadable, etc.


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• The work on this site has mostly been sold. Please check below the menu to the left the various ‘Shopping Online for Steve’s paintings’ links for currently available work from different galleries. All are happy to offer online service.

We hope you enjoy the site content. Any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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