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Artists Find Freedom in Paint!

Whether it’s finding freedom in paint or in anything else — no-one wants to feel boxed in or caged. The human spirit absolutely longs to be free — and to remain free. In the Western world we value our liberty. We are generally free to come and go as we please. The world is our oyster. But the real pearl of freedom  is not to be found through travel and outward bounding. The real pearl found in an oyster is under the flesh — inside the shell.

As humans we too build a shell around our existence. Some of us build it real tough and hard for protection — so hardly anything can ever get through. Otheres build it somewhat softer — allowing for selective vulnerability. Maybe realising that too is needed — along with protection.


Artists are not a special breed. Maybe we are in some measure more aware than many. But in other ways we can easily get blinded by our own self-indulgence — losing some of our awareness of other people.


Like any other pursuit, painting can be used as a way to find freedom — as a way to some kind of enlightenment. There are many ways to feel our way through the darkness  — that sense of being caged by our limitations as human beings, including our own mortality. We all seek escape somehow. The freedom art gives is in its connection with the heart — rather than the intellect. Art reaches out and touches emotions. Art can make us more aware. Aware at a deeper level than intellectually. And in this awareness lies real freedom.

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Whoever you are in your pursuit of freedom — bless you!

Steve Slimm

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STEVE SLIMM - posted on December 5, 2011 5:08 pm

Artists Find Freedom in Paint!


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