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emo discontentment of the heart

The Emo’s Never Ending Discontent

Unless he is writing there is no peace – except occasionally. Even when playing music or painting he has tensions and stresses, which burst out in spasms of flourescent energy. Also in relationship there is no peace for him – always tension. No relaxedness – as if he were normal – which he isn’t. He is not a normal person. He can never be still. Despite his confirmed belief that he is closer to enlightenment than most around him, he continues to suffer. Why? Why should he suffer thus? There seems no end to it.

We exagerate of course. There are countless time we find him relaxed and at peace. But the tense times – the times of restlessness severely dominate him. It is as though he is on a quest – which in truth he is. He believes he has something to offer the world – and is nigh on desperate to deliver. However, exactly what we are not sure – and neither is he.

There is only the discontent of not knowing the true nature of his offering – and at the overwhelming feeling of an impending something – again he knows not what.

Is there any advice we could offer this poor wretched trial of humanity? Is there anything we might say to help ease his distress?

Get up you lame emo and dance the dance of the ages – with legs that bend, hips that writhe, and a pelvis that gyrates.  You take yourself and everything far far too seriously. Go and watch some TV, or wear something sexy – sad dude!

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