Playing Twelve String Acoustic Guitar

Playing the twelve string acoustic guitar I bought off master guitar-maker Kif Wood around 1980 has been an intermittent pleasure for me over those decades since. For me the twelve string acoustic creates a world of its own – so different from its six-stringed sister. Over the years I have tried a number of strange configurations with the twelve strings, but have eventually returned to how the instrument is traditionally tuned, which is a semitone lower than the six-string. Once I even tried a mix of half nylon and half metal strings (alternating). Believe me that was weird! The main problem was the difference in tensions made it extremely difficult to tune.

On this page I am playing my good old twelve string acoustic from Kif, plus a new twelve-string guitar I bought from him earlier in 2017. For me this one sounds like choirs of angels. See what you think.

Steve 🙂

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