Reproduction of Fine Art Originals

Reproducing original artwork is of course also an art in itself.

The Artist’s Corner is an area of Digital Direct Printings business that focuses on the reproduction of fine art originals with the use of tightly controlled digital capture through to finished giclee prints. We print on a variety of fine art papers including matte, watercolor and premium coated stocks as well as several types of canvas. Canvas printing includes a UV topcoat to both enhance longevity of the print as well as offering a protective coating. We take great pride in the color accuracy of reproductions and are frequently asked “Which is the original?”. We find this to be the best compliment.

The digital capture is overseen by Francis Sullivan, who has over twenty years of photographic experience in production, printing and presentation work, from portfolios to gallery exhibitions. As this process is strictly digital there is no loss of image sharpness or color fidelity as often found with a film capture. Our photographic setup is fully calibrated each session to allow us to maintain the highest level of consistent quality. Our process allows us to capture all kinds of 2D art (two dimensional or flat) including oils, acrylics, pastels, graphite and watercolors. We can proof these captures on the same material that we produce the final giclee(s) on, that is, we use water color paper, semi-gloss photographic papers and canvas dependent upon the artist’s choice.

The printing and finishing is done in house and is proofed by Francis before being presented to the client as an added measure of quality assurance.

We provide a digital copy of the final files to the artist upon completion and as added assurance maintain a backup copy in our shop that is often used for re-ordering additional prints at a later date.

We also offer custom printing for photographers as well as assisting with image fine tuning if requested.

We welcome all inquiries and are available by appointment to discuss your next project.

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