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The New Universal Language of the Heart

“There is nothing new under the sun” wrote an author of around 900 BC in Palestine. I’m not so sure about that myself. Okay – he was the wisest man of his time, and what he said must have been perfectly true when he said it. And okay maybe – just maybe – he experienced the kind of vibe that I do on Friday night at the Sandsifter, getting down to m’local DJs playing dub jazz in an orgy of beautiful people – people who aren’t interested in me for sex, for money, or for any personal gain at all – but all the same – we really do seem to be somehow all the love!

Ok – maybe Solomon really did experience something akin to one of those intimate workshops like the one I recently did with a delightfully beautiful voice coach named Lorrayn – where 15 strangers enter a room on Friday night and leave Sunday lunchtime feeling like they have known and loved each other for eternity. But regarding King Solomon – I doubt it; with all his wives and concubines, and all his royal entourage of satraps and advisers and heaven knows who else – I really doubt that he ever experienced that universal dimension of the heart I now experience on a regular basis – and perhaps you do too. So I say there is something new under the sun!

Okay yes – wise Solomon blew out of his own Jewish religion, and started to practice interfaith with his foreign wives of various other persuasions; and yes he really was inspired to write some great stuff that has been published through the centuries in the book we now know as the Bible – but I still don’t feel from him what I feel from someone say like Rumi, Walt Whitman, or Kahlil Gibran. Neither do I feel from him that same universal vibration that has now widened and deepened into the work of contemporary writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists and poets – right up to this very minute.

“What the fuck is he talking about?” you say? Well you might wonder! But maybe not – maybe you are there/here with me and know exactly what I’m talking about – because the language of the Heart transcends words and ideas – and all forms of social and cultural ideologies. The new universal language of the heart is expressed between hearts that are attuned vibrationally to the beating of the One Heart – the one heart of woman/mankind that knows no difference between gender, colour of skin, race, culture, ideology, politics, religion, creed, language, age, or any other factor that divides those who are not yet in touch with the One Heart – and do not yet feel its gentle healing pulse.

I recently heard/felt the language of the heart expressed so beautifully in a film I’d not come across before called ‘Babel’ (Brad Pitt, Kate Blanchett). The film is set between Morocco, Mexico, and Tokyo and weaves three stories skilfully together in three different languages. The reviewer in the radio Times, UK’s most respected TV review magazine, had only given it a three star rating, (a gripping film would get a five-star rating), saying the ending fell flat. I would say that reviewer does not yet speak the Language of the Heart, and was therefore unable to receive the film into himself – no disrespect. For myself and my partner – we were gripped and held from beginning to end, and did not come down from the experience for at least 24 hours; and even now I’m still heart touched a week or so later, as I write this. Unfortunately, the Language of the Heart is lost on any who are not yet open to receive its rhythmical vibration – but fortunately, the One Heartbeat is so strong and resonant, that it will find a way to be heard and felt; it will be understood.

“If the truth could be told so as to be understood, it will be believed” is a line found on the album Boss Drum by The Shamen in the 1990s. I say – now the truth is beginning to be told, understood and believed – in the new Universal Language of the Heart.

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Steve Slimm - posted on January 18, 2010 2:22 am

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