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Visual Art News for Steve Slimm Feb 2011

I must confess I didn’t post a great deal in 2010! Some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to – so here goes.

Last year I had a very successful Open Studio event (9 days) end of May into June. I was admittedly a bit apprehensive, but people were so encouraging – and aside from this, Ialso sold 20 pieces of work direct from my studio.  The gallery sales have continued to increase, so the UK recession appears to be pulling out – at least for me.

I’ve also been working closely with a client or two doing art mentoring. This has been beneficial for me , as well as the clients concerned.

I’ve also been continuing my art workshops with various art groups and societies around Cornwall. Word seems to get round – and I receive more requests to go and do stuff! They seem to love the freedom of my loose approach – as I blow the lid off a succession of painting myths, which masquerade as laws set in stone!  It’s all great fun, and gets me interacting a bit.

So there we have it – and I’m still painting away in my factory studio near Praa Sands, in West Cornwall, UK.

Next posting, I’ll tell you about some exciting new developments!

Bye for now,


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